Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Fourth/Boring Blog

We had, overall, a great 4th/5th campout thingie at ~L~'s house this not-weekend. Kids had fun, I was happy, Fran got to come and still didn't miss any work.

Toddlerness threw a fit of absolutely epic proportions this morning because she didn't want to wear a swimsuit to the beach. Well, kinda. I think that is what it started out being but it was way not-just-that by the time she was screaming her fucking head off in ~L~s house as we were trying to leave to walk to the beach. After about an hour total of "BURNED, SCARRED, CRUCIFIED, DESTROYED, LIFEISOVER, OMIGODI'MDYING," she suddenly snapped out of it as we walked down the last stretch towards the beach. Little shit. Had normal toddlerness-style fun for the rest of the beach trip.


Oh, and my tent rocks. I made some very yummy brownies. I am right on the verge of being sunburnt.


I have realized that my blog has been really, really, REALLY boring lately. This is mainly because life is clipping along in a very happy-busy kind of way, and I'm quite satisfied with how life has been treating me. I've got quite as many hurdles as you can imagine I would, being a homeschooling-SAHM-midwifery-student-type-person. The point is that I've been trotting along through life, hurdle-jump-hurdle, and I'm happy about it. And that, apparently, makes for some very boring blog fodder. I've decided that unless I've got some pics to commemorate something, I'm no longer going to post meaningless summaries-of-a-day just to post *something anything must update.* So prepare for long bouts with silence as I go through a happy summer. I hope.

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~L~ said...

The updates on cruisin' days do sound silly when you write them, but they're wonderful later when you look back.

We enjoyed having you guys here. Sorry my house is so damn cranky-makin' hot.