Monday, July 03, 2006

In Which I Profess My Undying Love for my Mother-In-Law

Yes, an odd title I know.

She gave me money yesterday. Lots of it. Enough to buy my books and pay my clinical fees for next year. OMG. She has finally done it. Bought my love. My eternal, undying, love. Apparently the price of my love is $1050.00. So all ye rich people, yes, I my affections can be bought. Poor people take heart, I can be won in other ways.

But MWA-HAHA-HAHAHAHAHA! I don't even have to stop shopping the clearance racks at Target to get my school paid for. I dunno. The universe is nice. My own mom wants to fly me and the kids out to Hawaii at the end of the month. This is like poor-person HEAVEN I tell you, not having to worry about money next quarter AND what the hell, I get a trip to Hawaii too!

My Mother-In-Law was once upon a time Miss Hawaii and a runner-up Miss America. My eldest daughter seems to have inherited some of her imperial stature (the squared shoulders, long limbs, and easy-gliding walk of the beauty queen), much to my delight (as a short and stubby and generally not-beauty-queenish person) and consternation (as the mother of a potentially stunning preteen/teen/etc). I don't know what to feel like about this. On the one hand, the beauty queen culture isn't attractive to me, not at all, although my daughter may have some other thoughts about it, and the thought of a stunningly beautiful teenaged daughter sends me into paranoid conniptions...on the other, who DOESN'T want stunningly beautiful children?

Anyway. Now I have to figure out how to THANK her, especially since she let it be known that she has every intention of buying my books for me every quarter until I've graduated. Oh, the love I feel for my Mother-In-Law right now.


~L~ said...

Yeah yeah. She just wants you in school so she can get more B-time! MWAHAHAHAHAH.

Seriously, that's awesome. It is great to have supportive in-laws.

(I think an thank you note will suffice!)

Cambria Esta said...

Oh That is sooo awesome I am glad she was able to help.
A thank you card would be good or is there anything you make she raves about? Pie cookies etc etc etc? A plate of said goodies with said thank you note.