Friday, July 21, 2006

Random Summer Fun

Sometimes, summer just hits you upside the head. Like on Wednesday, when I was sitting at my computer typing "we are going somewhere today...maybe the zoo" to ~L~ at the exact same moment that the lovely mamaD (I don't know what she blogs as!) typed "we are going to the zoo...". So, since it was obviously a zoo kind of day, off we went.

To the zoo. Where the kids appreciated random bits of animalness (everything from toddlerific imitating walrus "burps" to big kids oggling porcupine spines), played in the wonderful but highly distracting 'kid zone', and generally got way too worn out.

And WTF, it was summer, we might as well stay south overnight and play more the next day.

Riding in my car must have worked some kind of proximity magic on Little Boy N (well, that or the bribe of Pirate's Booty), because I'll be darned if he isn't the very-best-little-kid-in-the-world in toddlerific's eyes now. She ADORES him. The feeling, apparently, is mutual: "She was crying but I could take care of her...I am going out her door Miss Niki...I like her...because she is so cute...". Way to melt my heart Little Boy N. He snuck random cute-toddler hugs the whole time we were together. So. Cute.

Well, Toddlerific slept in but GirlieG and Boyness were both having allergic/sick/whatever kinds of problems...they were rough on Thursday. We had planned Seattleness but ended up staying at ~L~'s place and attempting to facilitate any amount of not-tear-each-others'-heads-off we could get out of the kids. We all had fun, it was just...Seattle would have been way too much energy to expend on already out-of-sorts (and not in a recoverable way) kids. We did eventually make it out, in the afternoon, to a park. After the "5 more minutes" warning from me, we decided to check out the creek first before leaving...big, well, I dunno if it was a mistake. There were soon splashing fun-having kids and leaving was nowhere in sight. ~L~ captured some of this on camera and put it in her blog.

Ah, summer.

We got home and the way-tired kids had showers and put themselves to bed two hours before their usual bedtime. Oh, the fun.


~L~ said...

You just saved me a days' worth of bloggin! Now I will just post pix on my blog and our teamwork will be complete!

*d* said...

LOL. N is sweetness. Ahhh, memories.