Monday, July 10, 2006

Teething Sucks

It fucking SUCKS. Not only does it fucking SUCK but her teeth refuse to just come out and be over with it. Her lower right canine keeps erupting and then GOING BACK UNDER. OMG. And every tooth is a freaking nurse-me-pity-me-my-life-is-over fest for bebegirlieness.

The other two simply did not teethe. Their teeth just kind of came in and I didn't know about it until I saw new teeth.

Oh no, she is not only DOING the whole "teething thing" but she is also making up for them.

I have HAD IT. She is laying on the couch watching *gasp* a movie and wallowing in self-pity. She has been chewing on her fingers so much that they bleed. My nipples are raw. I am so, so tired of nursing her constantly (and I do mean constantly...5 minute breaks here and there unless I can actively distract her or get her daddy to take her). It's to the point where I just fucking want her off me for a solid 10 minutes.

We are going out in a bit and FUCKIT, I am buying that whatever-it-is numbing gel shit that I've always thought was a bullshit pseudosolution. Holy hell, I understand now why parents keep tubes of it in the baby bags.

I will then slather her poor little inflamed gums with it and whirl around the room with my baby-free arms outstretched.

Or so I fervently hope.

Because otherwise I might just finally, totally CRACK.


Cambria Esta said...

Niki I am sorry it WILL get better and hyland teething tablets the gel and tylenol work wonders and I am ALL for toys meant soley for teething!!
Ohhh and I found some water floaty wings at Target.
give her lots of love and give her also a Ice cube wrapped in a wash cloth also get a wash cloth wet and freeze it that helps too.

Good luck!

~L~ said...

I hope she is behaving better today. D was an insane pill yesterday as well.

This product is a GREAT numbing agent, and since bebegirl likes tea, you have a good shot at some relief:

They have it everywhere you shop. :)

*d* said...

My parents used Kaluha.

And frozen bananas