Friday, December 08, 2006

Co-ops and...allergies?

So we've got a 100% success rate for something very odd...

My son has had an allergic reaction any time someone comes to pick up a co-op package.

Supreme coincidence?

I have no fucking clue. Fact is, this only happens once every couple of months, so the two happening together is...interesting.

The mama who came to get her package yesterday hung out to play for a while, which was cool, but by about 15 minutes in she was wondering if her middle child didn't have a dairy allergy, too. "Wow, he doesn't respond to you like that when he hasn't had dairy? And...he used to have ear infections until you cut out dairy? Hmmmm...."

I don't know, if DairyBoy Tony wasn't the most fucking irritating thing on the planet, I'd say it was actually a POSITIVE thing that someone got to see him on an allergy high yesterday. Because it certainly got the gears in her head turning. "Every time I drink milk my nose gets super stuffy, I even *sound* funny...he used to get ear infections all the time and his hearing still seems worse than his siblings...really, it's related to bed wetting?"

Anyway, DairyBoy is damn difficult to deal with and a real burden on his siblings. So I can't decide whether to be all weird about it and not let people visit when they come to pick up co-op packages anymore.

This reaction courtesy of "Create a Treat Gingerbread House Kit" which lists "Allergens: wheat, soy, corn, sulphite" in exactly the way I told my MIL meant that a product was safe, but which actually contains "milk powder" about midway through a 200-or-so-item-long ingredient list.

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