Monday, December 11, 2006

Nutrition SUCKS

No, not nutrition as in eating fairly decently. Don't fall over ~L~.

Nutrition, like the class. At SMS. Specifically the instructor. Which damnit, I have been holding back from saying all quarter, but this is THE LAST STRAW.

In the syllabus, it says projects 2 and 3 will be due on 12/14.
In the callendar it says project 3 will be due on 12/15.

In the handly little announcement she sent in the wee hours of Monday morning, it said we would be presenting projects 2 and 3 on TUESDAY. Tuesday is, last I checked, 12/12.

I am not prepared and I am inclined...very, very say FUCK IT, turn in what I have, and declare mutiny on the spot if that is not accepted.

It ain't bad, honestly, it is pretty good. But there is no "creative component." Creative fucking nutrition at the fucking 11th hour...just not happening. I've been trying all afternoon to figure out how to make this work's just not happening.

In other news, the whole frigging staff asked me this morning how I did on the epi final. Which was...interesting. Apparently if you ace the midterm people talk. Why people talk about MY test scores, I dunno, and it was a little unsettling. I still haven't sorted out exactly how I feel about that, and maybe I'm just still a little stuck in big-world academia, but my test scores have always felt a little like my weight - I'll let you know without shame if you ask, but I don't want it in the Christmas letter, you know?

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~L~ said...

so how did u do on epi midterm??