Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sick kids

Toddlerness has sprouted a fever. And is complaining that she has "owie" on her throat/chest.

Boyness has too, but he's added the astonishing tricks of coughing like his lungs have just declared blood-feud with oxygen, and barfing when his stomach becomes the unwitting casualty of the aforementioned feud.

So needless to say any thoughts of doing anything glorious and outdoorsy today have flown right on out the window.

I've given both of my miserable offspring some "Throat Coat" tea and packed them off to a nap, hopefully a nice long one. But I think I'll be headed for the store and some actual medication in case this evening goes as smoothly (not) as the last several.

Would it be too much to ask, seriously, that I got a decent amount of sleep tonight? Probably.

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