Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Beany Addendum

DH has decided that dried beans are MUCH better in chili than canned ones. Went all raving about it.

So, add another meal to the list of meals I need to plan IN ADVANCE. Why does "good" have to be such a PITA!? Yes, I hear you now, dried-bean-lovers, "it's not so much work." The point isn't the volume of work, it's the fact it needs to be planned and I'm plan phobic.


~L~ said...

ah but while it does need to be planned-- for now, in pre-pressure cooker life-- it gives you many more meals of no effort whatsoever. you get enough beans in one or two cook sessions to last for days and days.

and they freeze very well.

Niki said...

Erm, no, the beans were almost entirely consumed yesterday.

You underestimate the eating power of my three, methinks.

Louisa said...

get thee a pressure cooker. Smartish.

~L~ said...

Seeeeeeee? Pressure cooker! Good!

And Niki--- ahem-- that's what Costco sized bags are for. :)