Saturday, April 21, 2007

Onsite - accomplished

It is the day after onsite. I discussed GBS treatment practicalities, scared some freshwomen-to-be, inserted some IVs, resuscitated some plastic dummies, and actually found this to be one of the most practically helpful onsites I've had so far.

And now I am home and it STINKS. I've learned, I think, that after onsite I want to either be with my family or go home and get stuff done without them...doesn't matter which, really, as long as it isn't BOTH, which just plain sucks. Oh, not that I don't want to see my family until the next day, but a couple of hours to get my stuff put away and the clothing off the floor and dinner started before dealing with attention-starved children...that would be good.

On Weds, Boyness got dairy (mostly DH's fault but it was innocent, I'll spare the details) and turned into the full dairy monster, waking up in the middle of the night yelling about nothing and everything. His hearing is obviously affected still, or at least it was last night when I needed to speak far too loud for the situation and when we read aloud from Harry Potter, he moved to within a couple feet of me because he just couldn't hear me where he was (usually they lounge on their beds).

Anyway, the house is a wreck, the yard is a wreck, the brick path needs to be completed, the seedlings need planting, my dad is visiting tomorrow and I can't pull out the futon until I've planted the seedlings and removed the extra table from the living room, I need to return school materials, I have a midwifery care exam...busy, busy, busy.

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