Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why I Love Online Exams

So I could complain (and complain and complain and complain) about the Midwifery Care exam I took this morning, but I'm taking a different tact. Instead of dwelling on the substance, I'm going to dwell on the process.

I love online exams.

I woke up this morning at about 6:30, brewed my coffee, put on an undershirt, started up the computer, and opened my exam (7am). I sat in my very comfy chair and read/clicked away. About 20 mintues in I ran out of coffee, so I got up and made myself some more and went back to my test. At about 40 minutes in, I had to go to the bathroom, so I did.

Can I just say, as someone with an insanely small bladder, bathroom-anytime-priviledges are awfully nice.

When I was done with the damned thing, I clicked "submit" or whatever similar thing there is on that particular form, and opened my email.

So yes, I love the online test-taking thing.

I would love it even more if I found out I passed this exam.


~L~ said...

I think I would adore that. The ability to hum loudly or mutter to oneself while working awaywould also be beneficial to someone with oh, say, ADD tendencies.

:) I am sure you passed. You're Nikay.

Louisa said...

Yeah, it's nice to take the tests like that. Even nicer if we pass. But, like she said. You're Nikay.