Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Out of Context?

You guys are just going to trust that the context surrounding this quote was exactly what logic leads you to think it is, because you're almost certainly right.

I have to rest in the fact that my husband will seek God for council and then answer to God for his decisions. I will answer to God for how I submitted to my husband.

This has been bugging me since I first read it, plucked from a homeschooling discussion board, about 5 days ago. Bugging me in a "does not compute" kind of way.

Marriage is not a free pass out of hell. Christianity (you'll have to trust that's the context of this, 'cause it is) is not about passing off your own responsibility. It is really about some curious mixture between personal accountability and Jesus, in most versions of the religion.

And frankly, it scares me that there is even one woman out there who hangs her hopes of eternal salvation on how well she submits to her husband. That's not Christianity, that is husband-worship. I've read the Bible through and through no few times, and I've never seen THAT advocated. It could also be, in my opinion, a rather cowardly attempt to assign blame for one's own damnation on another human being. Isn't your soul worth more than that to you?

*Phew* monkey off my chest, I do hope.


~L~ said...

I was just as appalled when I read that. This is definitely a disturbing trend, and a complete perversion of what sound Biblical doctrine really is.

Jesus emphasized over and over the individual nature of the covenant with Christ. It's why Wife takes communion, too, instead of just Husband. It's why they mention the sparrow as known to God. "Suffer not the little children to come to me." "What you do for the least of these you have done unto me." It's there, repeated over and over again.

I agree with you that it's a convenient way for women to set themselves up for complete abdication of the responisiblities they should bear in their marriages and in their lives.

*d* said...

yeah that to both of you.