Thursday, June 28, 2007

Focaccia Suckage

So, yeah, I bake fairly often. And usually do pretty well at it.

Today it was focaccia for lunch.

After getting the dough right, getting the herbs right, making pesto mostly from stuff in my garden, and assembling four nice focaccia sheets and having them rise perfectly...

and setting the oven to the proscribed temperature...

and the timer for the proscribed minimum length...

It burned.


How evil is it that I am making myself/kids eat them in order - most burned first?

What does it say about the how hungry my kids must be that they have eaten a sheet and a half? They're almost totally through the burnt stuff and into the good (not burned) stuff.

That or it's actually not that bad after all, which I refuse to believe since I'm doing my part and eating burnt focaccia, too. They have other food here. I'm just perplexed - why aren't the little buggers whining?

I shall now shut up and be happy that the little buggers are not only not whining, but happily eating burnt focaccia.


~L~ said...

oh that's gotta suck!

*d* said...

UGGGGG. I hate that.

Marie said...

The love u put into it makes it tast much better. So sweet they love u too much to wine