Friday, June 22, 2007


So I'm posting to say that I haven't been posting because if I had been posting I'd just be venting, and at this point there have been so many dead-stupid things said in my lactation education course that I simply don't know where to begin (or end...or what to put in the middle).

Alive. Strangely enough, finding myself really enjoying carpooling into and out of Seattle with some of my classmates. Not finding a whole lot more to get excited about there.

Had a day off on Thursday, went to Mack's son D's party at ~L~s house. Made a cake without sugar or dairy and got my hands (and feet and knees and skirt) stained in fabric dye doing some tie dying with the kids. It turned out GREAT! Or, at least the stuff that I took home did. I hope everyone else's was great too :). It was a beautiful day with beautiful people :).

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~L~ said...

We're all wearing tie dye today!

You did good! It was so much fun and I think P-daddy is itching to do some himself!

You're awesome!