Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Still Obsessed

With un-coloring (is there a term for it? changing pictures taken in color to black and white).

I love how it changes where the focus of the photo is. And noticing strange things like the fact that your eyes do battle with your brain when deciding where to focus in this photo:

And that it is easier to resolve (but the problem is still there) in black and white:

Anyway, I am very much not an artistic type, and have no idea what on earth I'm talking about, so this little bitty obsession (taking place entirely with already-taken photos, so I'm pretty sure it isn't about *photography* in particular...will have to think about that) is a little surprising. A few more recent conversions:


Marie said...

I love un-color. it brings a hole new feel to a pic. And u can't take a bad pic of your kids. they are so cute

Anonymous said...

Converting is great fun!

How do you go about doing your conversions? I was just playing around with one of your shots (I hope you don't mind) and it's really cool to work on the shadows and contrast. It gives it a lot of depth and pop--and I don't use anything fancy for what I do. I use Google's photo editing program, Picasa. See what I did with this shot:


Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh. Look at what just a little messing with the shadows and contrast and a teeny crop did to this shot:

Good stuff, N! Keep shooting!

Niki said...

Oooh, those are pretty Jesse! I've just been using the "fix it" tool in Windows Photo Gallery, and there really isn't a ton I can do with it. I'll have to check Picasa out.