Thursday, September 20, 2007


So my school started, which is nearly overwhelming enough.

Then there's the kids' school, which yeah, is all about me too. They had these irritating things called SLPs due (the learning plan for the year), in order to secure all things good and paid-for about our homeschoolingness, that took up precious time that I should have spent on my own school work this week.

Then there is the fact that this place is just.too.small for us, but we can't afford anything bigger. Seriously, we can't, not with my school and at Fran's income. There is a house we're interested in buying but because it is manufactured, they want a downpayment, which we don't have. And I'm feeling very frustrated with the confined space, and stressed-out about how the kids bounce back and forth and into each other all day.


A frustrating, overwhelmed kind of day. And I'm going to go try to write an essay for school now.


Graham said...
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~L~ said...

Hugs for you Mama. I have faith in you.

Aimee said...

Have you thought about a land trust? i know that there is a bit of red tape and b.s. involved, but i've heard great things about what they've done for people like us...on the lower end of the income spectrum. we're currently looking in to one here...i'll let you know what i find out!

hugs n kisses to you and yours!