Friday, April 25, 2008

Snowmen and Flower Shops

Another BittyPrincess quote: "Mama, boys can not make snowmen by themselves. But girls can do it."

So, a little more than a week ago Girliness decided that she wants to open up a flower shop. Oh, but it wasn't a passing fancy; or at least, not a quickly passing one. She's trying to figure out her business plan and everything. Today she wants me to take her to Molbaks so she can purchase some seeds. Last week she wanted to recruit Boyness (and his $14) as her business partner, but he's not so interested. She said she could still pay him to do some of the work. She is still not sure about the physical location of her flower shop, but she knows that she will charge $1.10 for a flower and more than that for an arrangement or for a live plant.

This should be interesting. Probably not profitable, but interesting.

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