Thursday, June 12, 2008

Non-Apocalyptic Day at Clinic

And yes, there was a question about the apocalyptic-or-not nature of my day. I took the kids with me to (a half day of) clinic, you see. They did completely fine. No barging in at inopportune moments (or any moments). No fires. No damaged property. We even got some time in the sun when I took them across the street to the park during a break.

Girliness has been acting downright hormonal today. "Mama," she asked me, "do you ever feel all irritated and frustrated for no reason?" "Yes, hon, sometimes I do. Lots of people do." "Well what do you do about it?" We discussed the merits of long showers, walks, talking to friends on the phone, and books in bed. I think she feels slightly less like snapping her brother's head off at the moment, but damn. She was, quite frankly, a bitch to her brother today whenever he came anywhere near her, although he avoided her nicely for the most part. Clear some space around the crazy 8yo girl, eh? I thought I had some time before this...


~L~ said...

At least with the moodiness of this life change comes the capacity to talk it through. I really value that. I REALLY like talking to the 8 yo little person.

Morag said...

That would be puberty speeding down the track.
You took your kids to clinic?
You have good kids. Mine would have to be anesthetized to be even CLOSE to acceptable clinic-ness.
Testament to your awesomeness.

*d* said...

WOOT! Glad it was a good day for you all.