Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friday, on the Lighthouse Trail

On Friday we left bridezilla et al to their last minute planning, and took a hike.

Clearly, BittyPrincess doesn't like her Uncle P... ALL.

The view from low on the land-side of the ridge:

The kids managed to make the hike more difficult for themselves than it had to be:

Enthusiastic even in the heat:

A bunch of way-up-high photos:

At the first lookout on the ocean side of the ridge:

It was hot. I present...princess hiking!

First decent view of the lighthouse:

View of the shore from the top:


Perpetual Motion Bittyprincess:

The whole crew:

More pretty:

Awwwwww, mother and son:


Clearly, BittyPrincess doesn't like her Tutu (grandma) either:

Or her Papa:

And, the picture to put all earlier cliff pictures into perspective...see that little light blue pool down there? There is a person swimming in it. If you blow up the picture real good, that person is identifiable as a couple of lighter colored pixels in the water.

We managed to avoid sunburn and narrowly escape heat exhaustion, before returning to the wedding prep nonsense. No pictures of our manicure/pedicure session (which I'm sure ~L~ will thank me for). I didn't take my camera to the wedding, either...not that I would have been snapping away as matron of honor or anything, but I am looking forward to seeing the photo album. The photographer was everywhere and I'm sure she did an awesome job.


LittleBigZen said...

the pics from the last three entries are just BEAUTIFUL! I am jealous. I hope that you all are having a fantastic time!

Morag said...

I'm not only jealous, nik. I'm afraid I can't be your friend anymore.
Two all-nighters in one week, the last of which resulted in TWO babies in TWO counties (and a 3am 45min 70mph sprint between births). 10 even and 10/5. I SO wanna be on the beach in HI.

~L~ said...

at least she is wearing sneakers this year....

Marie said...

Love the goofballs. Great pics.

*d* said...

Love me some bitty princess. :)