Saturday, August 09, 2008

Vacation Pictures!

Time for some photo catch up, I think! We've been trying to fit our adventures in with the pre-wedding festivities/complete insanity.

We arrived on Monday and spent the afternoon swimming. BittyPrincess found a hidey-hole and decided it was her bedroom, and then proceeded to fall asleep in it, which meant I had to sleep nearby for my own sanity (and not in the nice real bed they'd set aside for me...)

The next day, we went to (arguably) the tamest beach in Hawaii.

The following day, we did some snorkeling and reef-ing at our favorite tide pools. The girls both got stung by portuguese man-of-war, which really sucked...

Snorkle Boyness:

And a whole bunch of photos of the beach we went to the next day (also where Boyness got his chance to experience the man-of-war up close and personal), before the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner/bachelorette party:

A day at the beach is only REALLY complete if you get shave ice in there somewhere:


~L~ said...

Alo-HA! Dat's what I am talking about!

I am sorry to hear about their owies! I hope the festivities go swimmingly.

omg I really did just make that lame of a joke.

Mazel Tov, soon to be Mrs. B!

Marie said...

oh that looks like such fun. They didn't look to wonded, thats a good thing. Hope the latter event go fantastick (sorry no punny joke from me)