Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ah, the Weekend

I am in my waning days of on-call time with one practice. Last day, actually. I've liked working with them very, very much.

So anyway, on Friday, again sitting happily in the last bits of my on-call time for this practice, with nobody really looking like they were going to go into labor (three primips due two weeks from then), I thought it would be safe to invite ~L~s daughter G to sleep over.

Because we are batting 1000, ~L~ and I, with me having to call her to get her kids every time I babysit, my suspicion was pretty high, but I thought we'd make it this time. Fuck, the sleepover was even my idea.

So of course one of our primips goes into labor and another's water breaks.

Our trend of primips with speedy labors continues. This woman went from 0 - literally couldn't get a finger into her cervix - to baby in four hours. 9lb 4oz babe, intact perineum (I am proud of both of us for that one). It was a great birth, postpartum hemorrhage notwithstanding. She was completely asymptomatic - practically skipped off to the bathroom - after at least 1200cc blood loss (we couldn't estimate well, it wasn't contained on the blue pads and bedding and floor in a way we could get a number out of). The new student, who will be taking call after I leave mostly but was at this birth while the other student took time off call, was excited and clueless. I remember not quite knowing what to do like that. It seems so far in the past, now, and while at the time I just told her what to do ("[otherstudent], draw up pit please" "get a blood pressure please" "I need you to come assist me over here") it feels weird on reflection to be so far from where I was just over a year ago. And it feels weird to know that in a short few months, she'll be where I am.

Morning came, and I went and traded cars - my sedan for a van full of kids, mine plus G - at Francesco's work. We stopped at Trader Joes and forgot several important grocery items. Came home and let the kids have crazy/fun time. Enjoyed a visit from ~L~. Got to bed around 8:30, and true to form, a MW called the second I turned out the light. "Just an update," she said; apparently client-with-water-broken was contracting in a halfhearted kind of way. I went to bed fully expecting a call last night, but no, here we are at 9am and I have a full night of sleep behind me. That's the way to do it, eh? I'm hoping for an afternoon birth today. In the meantime, as much schoolwork and house organizing as I can cram into the morning without exhausting myself.


Aimee said...

I was just thinking about my class this morning. It's so amazing to think about the fact that, two years ago we were all scared shitless and ever more excited about going headlong into this midwifery journey. Watching in awe as the senior students tore through the school here and there trying to get things together.

And now you're a senior student on your way to graduating. It's crazy to think that, had I found Prozac and therapy two years ago, I might just be graduating with you!

I'd still love to be in attendance when my friends take their oath...

~L~ said...

Heh heh. But you didn't forget the JO JOs!