Sunday, June 28, 2009


Three births this week. Some drama at one of them, but it all worked out in the end. It would have been four, but I put myself off call to do some babysitting and missed one.

So much for slowing down after graduation, eh?

Yesterday I mailed out very-slightly-belated thank you cards, put checks in at the credit union, and promptly withdrew a largish cashiers check to pay NARM for the privilege of taking their licensing exam.

We are, this month even more than in the recent past, finding rent at the bottom of our pockets. I am looking forward to getting paid for this work at some point, and wondering if I'll have enough money to continue paying for gas to get to and from clinic in the meantime. I'm tired of it all, and at the same time, aware that I'd miss it terribly if I stopped. I think that it is more that I am tired of the pace than that I'm tired of what I've been doing, if that makes any sense.


Marie said...

that makes perfect sense. I hope u can slow down just a little and cetch your breath. Take some time out for u OK

dina said...

Niki, I completely relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed and yet knowing that you'd miss it terribly if it all suddenly stopped.

I found you through a Google search--I am also a mother and midwifery student. I live in BC, but am about to graduate from MCU. I am pondering heading to Vanuatu for a month later this year, but am having no luck finding the contact info for the hospital that you attended.

If you have any info, I would appreciate it so very much!


Morag said...

Seeing your kids was cool, but I miss you. Take care of you, girly.