Friday, July 16, 2010


I just looked it up; in Gig Harbor, we average 139 sunny days a year.

This makes deciding your activity days easy. When the sun shines, you go out and play. When it doesn't, you rest; thus our goal in this bright and lovely late summer has been to squeeze as much fun and play and wear-outage as we possibly can out of our good weather. We can recover during the 266 not-sunny days we can expect to have. In the PNW it isn't "we'll sleep when we're dead," it's "we'll sleep when it's overcast."

On those days when the motivation to plan an extensive trip is just not there and no great local ideas are forthcoming, we default to the beach.

Boyness is totally going to make a princess out of his baby sister...

I just love the colors in this photo:

*sigh* she's getting so big:

10yo girlies PNW'ing it up:

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