Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tie Dye Success

Yay! Girliness did that all by herself; I gave her verbal directions on how to fold it (complicated!) and didn't touch it at all.

Remember this post about shopping with three kids? I still shop. With four kids now. I think it's actually easier than shopping with a toddler was, but we'll get back to that at some point (Chubble has to grow, after all). The big kids can be surprisingly ornery; it kind of makes me wonder if they will EVER grow out of needing to be yelled at for trying to run in the store.


~L~ said...

Fabulous Niki! I will send you pix!

sew_crafty_girl said...

Amen. I find it so frustrating that it's so diffiicult shopping with all 5 kids. I mean, the big kids are 10-13 and shouldn't have to be scolded so much.