Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gingerbread House-ing

From scratch, even! We got our recipe here:

I then proceeded to not really follow it; I added 8 cups of flour in the mixer and the kneaded in the final cup. I didn't pre-cook gingerbread slabs; I rolled them out on parchment paper, cut patterns, and lifted away the excess. It worked out fabulously. Except that I forgot that gingerbread takes like an hour to bake, so instead of doing one more project before bed, I wound up waking up to get the final batch out of the oven and saving the decorating for the next day.

And our house part pattern here:

All laid out, ready to bake! Extra flour courtesy of BittyPrincess, who took my advice to add a little flour if she felt like it was sticking to her hands a little too seriously.

Houses, assembled, with remarkably little drama considering there were three kids, me, and a baby at work:

Starting to decorate. Apparently this is hot work, because Boyness has no shirt on. Then again, any excuse...

Buying off Chubble midway through:

The almost-finished wreckage (it got WORSE after this, believe it or not):

YAY, gingerbread houses!!!

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