Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Not that "prettyfying" is a word or anything...but still, the concept is obvious. We have a very ugly hot tub cover in our side yard, and we waited for a forecast of 3 consecutive sunny days:


Took a break:

Or two:

Chalked and painted:

And now the hot tub cover is lovely.

Of course, a couple of days later our landlord called to say she'd finally arranged to have the defunct hot tub removed. We've been living here almost 3 years, so of course as soon as we decided to do something fun with it... Luckily, the whole cover lifts up, so we moved it to another part of the yard, propped it up on old deck foundation, and leveled it.

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MDB_Mom said...

Great job! It looks awesome! And of course that would happen with the landlord! Yikes. I'm glad you were able to move it and keep it as a piece of art int he yard.