Thursday, June 15, 2006

The first post

I'm totally new to this blog thing. Never kept a journal or diary or...anything. I'm just boring like that I guess. I have no idea what to say. Do I mention the trip to Trader Joes wherein my children danced tantalizingly upong my last nerve, nearly getting themselves left behind?

Perhaps we should stick to the new axe and the wood-splitting 'fun' yesterday. I'm wondering if it was a mistake to purposefully buy an axe that was light enough for me (Fiskars brand), so that now I can split wood all by my little girlie lonesome. Fran did his fair share yesterday, but so did I, which is new...usually this is firmly 'man' territory. I hate not being able to do something that someone else CAN do so much that the expectation that I actually help out with this task from now on isn't bothering me that much. Is that pathetic? Ooooh, ooooh, wait...something more pathetic...I actually don't CARE as long as I have an excuse to make someone else hold the baby. I hold her all damn day and Fran can fucking take a turn, even if it means I have to do hard labor.

The kids' only task was to take the wood and put it in a big 'ole pile next to the shed...but no. It is all over the garden still, because mudpies were way more fun than any ACTUAL work.

Trying to feed the toddler the aforementioned mudpies was even more fun than MAKING the mudpies. Luckily the toddler wasn't interested. She prefers the texture of gravel and swished hearty handfuls off the stuff around in her mouth at every opportunity.

And perhaps the most pathetic thing of all...this was more or less a normal day in our lives, gravel, mud, and all.


~A~ said...

I need to check in to that axe. I can use the big ass heavy one but a lightweight one sounds dreamy.

My escape is mowing the lawn. I don't think My Honey has used the new riding mower since we bought it. Tunes in the MP3 player and the world is gone with grunge and lawn mower engine.

Niki said...

It's about twice as expensive as everything else and the splitting maul is only available in Home Depot (according to the Fiskars rep we met totally by coincidence when we went to Lowes to see if they had it cheaper) but yeah, I am not hurting today and that was probably a good month worth of wood I took care of yesterday.

~L~ said...

We love our Fiskars. The only other place I have found them is at Costco, which is where I got all the other cutting implements we have. That was two years ago, in Charleston though. God only knows what they are carrying now.

Did you get the nifty one that has the hanger like we have? Not that P-daddy has actually mounted the thing, but hey it's COOL.