Wednesday, August 09, 2006


While we were gone, the washing machine broke...or so DH thought. He didn't have enough duct tape to patch the hose he thought was leaking, so when I got back I bought some while he was at work and went ahead and did it. Turned on the washing machine...WATER EVERYWHERE. It was backing up from the pipe that carries water away from the washer, not the hose.

Got liquid plumber. Two applications. No luck.

Couldn't locate a place to disassemble the pipe. Went down to ask NeighborB if he had a plumbing snake. He did but it was broken...he came up to take a look anyway (he is the landlord after all...) and found a joint he could take apart near where the pipe entered the house. A joint I had neglected even looking at because I figured it was too far from where I thought the blockage would be.

Takes it apart, sees something. Asks for some pliers to take it out, so I run to the shed to oblidge, and come back like 30 seconds later to find him pulling it out with a stick (he's just impatient like that). And then yelling "AAAH, I CAN'T BELIEVE I TOUCHED THAT, AAAAAH...can you get me plastic bags *cough* *cough* *sputter*" as he pulls out...a squirrel. Looking none the better for the liquid plumber and a week in the pipe.

As I ran to get the bags I heard something that sounded a little like someone vomitting...

"OMG," he tells me as I come back, "I can't believe I TOUCHED it...I was thinking...what is this, it is kind of smooth, a little squishy...and then I smelled it."

Fran tells me later "thank GOD it was Bernie, that must have SUCKED! I would have lost my lunch!" Er, Fran, so did he, so did he.

And yes, we did secure a screen over the pipe it probably came in through, an air venting pipe that was just open before.


*d* said...

Yeah, I'd puke too. O.M.G.

~L~ said...


that is so nastee. that is so nastee. so

fivedreamin said...

OMG!!!!! That is NASTEEEEE... Yeah I would be thankful I didn't do it too. UGH!!!!!