Friday, August 11, 2006

Amazing Eating Machine

Toddlerness has been awake for three hours. She has eaten:

10 graham crackers (yeah, the whole, rectangular ones)
1/2c tomato soup
8 saltine crackers
12 macadamia nuts
3 1/2" cubes of cheese
1 plum
1 banana
and she has nursed approximately 1 million times (OK more like 8 times but still).

OMG I can't keep up! She HEAD-BUTTED me when I couldn't peel the banana fast enough for her!

As if that wasn't enough, she is sitting on my lap right now and JUST asked for a BURGER!!! "BURGAH? Burgah? BURGAH!!!! BURGUUUUUUUURRRRHHHHH!!!!!!! WAHACHU?" (where are you).

What. The. Fuck.

She is NOT a teenager. She is a toddler. OMG she is driving me nuts.

I woke up this morning looking like the living dead and sooooo terribly hungry, because she'd nursed all night.

She has not given up on the burger. *Sigh* maybe I really will make her one.

She is now standing on a stool watching her burger cook.


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