Friday, November 17, 2006

My Little Sister's Getting MARRIED!!!

She called me about 20 minutes after he proposed to her last night :). I'm so, so happy for them :). How wonderful!! Here's what she wrote in an email this morning:

Our friend [M] took the three pics of us after the proposal had already taken place and there were ample hugs and celebrating. There are some people in the background, but there were more there when he asked! I was soooo surprised, he did a great job!

The ring is .55 carat, hearts on fire, perfect cut. It's set in a solitaire tiffany setting, and the pictures hardly do it justice!

I'm so happy to be engaged to [O], he's perfect, and more than that, he's perfect for me.

Hope to hear from you soon!

She sounded so happy on the phone last night. Oh, I'm so happy for her!!!


~L~ said...

Hey I call foul! I can see the bandages on his hand, indicatng she broke his knuckles until he proposed!!!!!!

JK! She looks so very happy, and Mr. Sister is a hottie too! Keep cranking out those beautiful grandbabies for your parents, ladies!

*d* said...

WOOT! THAT is so exciting!