Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Great Day for a Broken Camera

It is gorgeous here but the camera is broken. I tried to take pics of the kids snowboarding...they would have been GREAT...but they came out grainy and embossed-looking. I'm so bummed because the sun is shining in the clearings and snow is gently filtering down, there's powder for the kids to snowboard in, and...I can't take any pictures!

I did go down the hill a bunch of times on the snowboard, but the neighbor's 3yo wandered into my path (where on EARTH did she come from!?) and I really spilled it trying to avoid her, went flying into an old brush pile, and I think I've pulled something in my back from the experience.

Oh, what fun this is!

But DAMN, I want my camera back! I want to capture some of this winter fun!

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