Saturday, December 02, 2006

Boy Turns Five!

We had a birthday party for Boyness, on his birthday, what a CONCEPT!!! Oh, he was so excited too. Almost TOO excited. I thought just having friends over would be plenty for him, but note: we will need activities for such parties in the future.

I can't believe he is FIVE!!! It seems like so...old! How did he get to be FIVE, already? Holy shit, that's SCHOOL AGE!?

Take a gander at my tribute-to-by post here: BOY

I had wanted to post this ON Boy's birthday, but couldn't find his birth story until today. Read THAT overlong story below or at this link: Tony's Birth. This was a very GOOD hospital birth, and I wish I'd have had him at home instead. *Sigh* I love my Tony. It sucks that we so often start out less than ideal with our children. When I imagine his story different, when I imagine myself pushing in the shower and having my baby then, it changes a lot about how I view his real birth story. "I wish" only gets you so far, and I suppose it is the life experience of Tony's hospital birth that is largely responsible for my attitudes on home birth now, but it sucks that sometimes we have to go through the negatives to value the positives as much as we do.

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~L~ said...

I love your birth story. Tony biscuit cometh!