Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Toddler Coddling

It was pointed out to me *ahem* that EldestDaughter is creating a "princess" by fawning over toddlerness. And yeah, I kinda saw it. But if there were any doubts left in my mind, the following incident cleared them entirely...

Here comes EldestDaughter carrying a whimpering Toddlerness up to me. "Mama," she says with a sigh, "Nomi bumped the sharp part of the door..." she pauses and shakes her head "...her poor magnificent little toes..."

"Mama," whimpers toddlerness, "Nomi needs a coffee."

Confession - this morning she was whining so hard for my cup that I poured about a tablespoon of it into a mug of milk. She stood on a stool in the kitchen, sipping and staring out the window, completely and utterly HAPPY.

I fear she will demand coffee every morning for the rest of her life now. And no, I'm not kidding. *I* demand coffee every morning...

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~L~ said...

I can help.

My sister drank coffee every day growing up, from about when she was 4.