Friday, February 02, 2007

In Which Becca Turns Seven

Becca had, for months, been planning for it to snow on the night before her birthday, so her friends could come sledding. It was going to be SO MUCH FUN, she said.

You'd better think of a backup plan, sweetie, I said.

And so, the zoo it was! Oh what a glorious day it was for it too! (OK, ok, so it would have been better 10 degrees warmer...) We met our friends at the kid zone and after a bit of running around to burn off some kid-meeting-up energy, we found some tables and had some sugar (cake and brownies) and Becca opened her presents:

(Thanks Danelle, Becca's used at least one page of every book already.)

Then it was off to view some animals. Tempt some sharks. You know.

We came across a bunch of animal enrichment activities towards the end of the day. A tarantula! Pet rat! Barn owl! All out walking with their keepers.

And then there was the beluga whale. I've never seen him do 'tricks' before, but apparently he can, they just don't make much of a show of it. So we caught his zookeeper interaction just after the zoo closed (but before they started kicking us out):

I think we were the very last visitors to leave the zoo. As far as Becca was concerned, this was simply proof that she'd just had the best zoo birthday ever.

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~L~ said...

And that's what counts! That was FANTABULOUS BIRTHDAY PARTY BECCA AND NIKI! Thank you for inviting us!

And you were worried about the picture of the Beluga--- perfect! Did you see the chick in the background?

We had so much fun!