Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Kids are still quite sick. That sucks.

I'm sick too now. This doesn't touch the time I probably had pertussis (and was far away from any sort of treatment whatsoever), but it is actually drawing close. I didn't have to dry my skin after my shower, it dried itself, I'm so hot.

I've got the woodstove cranked and it is 78 degrees in here with the windows open. The woodstove is a PITA to keep going at this rate without letting it get TOO hot, but the fresh air is worth it. The house was starting to smell really sick.

So on Thursday I have this all-day class with the Red Cross, and supposedly you have to call 48 hours plus in advance to reschedule without paying a fee, but the (chatty and friendly) woman on the phone was forgiving. She asked that I call back tomorrow to let them know for sure, though. I am totally alright with going even as sick as I am (practicing rigorous handwashing, sanitizer, and cough/snot etiquite), but I am not ok leaving the kids with the prearranged babysitter: my next door neighbor whose youngest might be immunocompromised although she remains undiagnosed. So unless miracles occur and all three of them wake up tomorrow morning feeling like the world is theirs for the taking, I'm going to have to reschedule. Damnit.

Meanwhile, I am having trouble being coherent enough for long enough to write this post, and homework is decidedly out of my reach. So the shit piles up.

Oh yeah, and Boyness persists in acting like he's frigging being strung up by the toenails, well, all the time, but like he's being bounced by the toenails when he coughs. I love the kid and I feel sorry for him, but listening to him Tony-ghost (a loud, low-pitch wail) is getting on my nerves. Doing my best not to scream at him about it, because it's not like it's his fault he's sick. Tried to teach him a muscle relaxation exercise to use instead, but it's only marginally helpful.


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Poor thing...
Healing vibes headed your way.