Friday, February 23, 2007

One week and counting?

So Toddlerness has been sick for a week and a day now. Fuck. I've resorted to something I've never done before - cycling motrin and tylenol.

If I don't get the max dose of ibuprofen at the minimum interval, I turn into a basket case. In fact, I tried the "regular" dose this morning and am sitting here feeling like a living, maybe-kind-of-breathing, pile of SHIT. Did you know that case says "do not exceed 6 tablets in 24 hours unless directed by a physician"? Well, damn, if I take the max dose at the minimum interval, that's 12 tablets a day. I'm more irked at the labelling than anything, though. The idea isn't so much that it is dangerous to take that much, as that you should go see the all-powerful doctor because obviously, you're too stupid for words and need his input.

Anyway, Toddlerness is dehydrated. She's not peeing but once, maybe twice a day. And she's complaining of "stuck poopies." But I can't get her to drink anything! She'll nurse, but my supply is downright pathetic right now. I'm drinking all the water I can handle, but I'm feeling pretty gross and it sloshes around unpleasantly when I drink it, so that isn't a whole lot. I might have to run out to the store and do the unthinkable - buy her some soda. I think she'd drink THAT.

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~L~ said...

or pedialyte.... or boost

something with more nutrition and balance to it than sugar water. the phosphorous in sodas make them leech calcium. that effects your bones, but it also effects the way your muscles fire.

they also make pedialyte pops, which I have had success getting cranky toddlers to take in the past.

I am so sorry you guys have been hit this hard.