Friday, March 09, 2007


It is 70 degrees in here and I'm freezing. My hands and feet are frozen, my ears are burning, and the toilet seat is painfully cold. Last night, my husband placed a hand on my hip and said "you're hot," and not in a husband-fishing-for-sex kind of way, either. In a horrified, are you seriously getting sick AGAIN kind of way.

If I am sick again I am going to cry. And not a pretty, shed a couple of tears kind of cry, either. An ugly, snotty, OMG should we be calling mental health services kind of cry.

In other news, my kids have been outrageously cute today. I think I'll be burying this pitiful wail of a post under some stories about them in a second here.

1 comment:

~L~ said...

blame it on the moaning whores.

expect a lysol shower on Sunday.