Monday, June 11, 2007

Sleeping Toddlerness

There is nothing in the world that gets Toddlerness to sleep longer and better than a trip to the beach with ~L~ and family.

On the other hand, perhaps it wasn't such a wonderful idea to drink two cups of coffee just to stay awake for another hour. I should have sucked it up and poured cold water on my head instead - I'd have been in bed two hours ago. I guess that using 2/3 decaf beans is simply not doing the trick. And I slept well last night, too, which isn't helping the exhaustion override the caffeine. If anybody out there in the inter-ether-world-net-web-thing ever stays at ~L~'s house, the secret is the futon plus the old mattress pad. More comfy than my bed at home. Come to think of it, both friends that I stay with frequently have comfier beds than I do. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Oh, oh, oh....and my fridge is pathetic right now. We had ribs for dinner. BBQ ribs. Nothing else. NOTHING. Ribs on the table in a pyrex dish with a side-dish of NOTHING. In the fridge? CONDIMENTS and NOTHING ELSE. You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. Nothing in the drawers. Nothing on the shelves. We have a gallon container of milk in there, but it only has about 2t that I'm reserving for my next bout with caffeine. No butter. No bread or bread-like substances. get my drift. OOOOOOH, there's a bag of flax in there. That's SOMETHING, right? I just hate shopping lately, is all. Hate it. Can't justify driving so far to do something that sucks so bad.

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Marie said...

ribs always coem with a side of finger lickin