Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Injury Update

1) Boyness doesn't seem to be overly traumatized by his experience. He wants to talk about it a lot, but that seems prety normal. No nighttime screaming fits last night, or reports of bad dreams.

2) After a wound-redressing session this morning on Toddlerness' knee, I'm wondering if it would have been better to take her in for stitches. This is going to be one hell of a scar, and the bandaids alone are not doing the trick in keeping the two halves close enough to prevent a nice wedge of scar tissue from plugging it up. I'm not at all worried about whether it will heal or not. Heck, *I* don't care if it scars, but at some point in the future *she* might care about it, and I don't like that. *Sigh* I am not going back in time to yesterday and taking her to Urgent Care after all, that's for sure, nor am I going to subject her to that repair at this point. I hope that it doesn't scar up too badly - then I won't have to feel guilty about it ;).

1 comment:

Marie said...

have u tied butterfly band aids. they hold the cut together realy tite and may help. Also cocanut oil will help with scaring once she is heald.

Kids manige. It will be a battle wond of pride some day.