Friday, June 08, 2007

Even More Injury?

Well, not me this time. Today Boyness pulled the bookshelf down on himself, getting a nasty lump on the noggin in the process. Just to seal the deal, imagine he's holding up the bookshelf as stuff rains down on him, and it is blocking the door so NOBODY CAN GO HELP HIM. Supremely shitty.

And then quite shortly afterwards, Toddlerness came up from an average-looking fall with more-than-average crying, but wanted to get back to playing. "Why is her foot red," NeighborGirl yells. Oh, shit. Don't read the following blockquote if you are blood/gore sensitive:

She had such a gash on her knee that the only thing that kept normally-very-level-headed me from running to the ER (and I'm sure they would have stitched it) is the fact that it washed out nicely (though not without even-greater-than-typical Toddlerness drama) and stopped bleeding promptly once I'd reunited the edges of the wound and gauzed and taped the whole deal. That was a lot of blood. Holy cow was it ever. But Toddlerness has some super-coagulating blood-of-wonder or something, I swear - it was coming out dark and thick...sticky even before it had a chance to sit around. The wound that soaked foot, slipper, dress, and assorted rocks and gravel in the driveway didn't even overcome a band-aid (or three...) once I'd washed it and pulled it closed. I think the only reason it bled so much outside is that she was walking around and kind of *milking* blood out of the wound as it opened and closed.

It is like we were saving up for this week or something! Crazy, eh? Stars aren't in our favor. Must hide somewhere soft and cushy.


~L~ said...

The green goo is on my counter in the vitamins place. Get it on her as soon as you get here. :(

Sorry bout Tony. Is he going to have nightmares now?

*d* said...

*drops jaw* WATCH OUT GIRLINESS!!!