Wednesday, June 06, 2007

2 New Ways to Injure Yourself

In case you were wondering.

Grass can cause cuts - similar to a papercut, but worse - and this situation is especially interesting if you shake your hand and resume weedwacking only to realize the extent of your injury when blood has lubricated the handle enough to make it slip from your hand.

If you have been steam cleaning your carpet, and your feet are all nice and soft and steam-cleaned-like, and you then walk into the kitchen where one of your children has dropped a corn chip, corn chip fragments can indeed penetrate the nicely-softened skin. They feel much like glass going in, but coming out are messier and far more likely to cause infection.


KenzieMac said...

Uhm, yeah...that is quite the suckage you have going on there. Yikes Niki...lets not try that again, K?

Marie said...

I really never new that about grass
Poor thing, what a nasty day.

~L~ said...

and your dd bogarted all the green goo! not cool!

*d* said...

Oh I hate grass cuts. YOUCH!!! poor feet.

Louisa said...

Sympathy all round. Squatted down too fast on Sunday while planting lettuces and impaled right deltoid on a metal garden stake. Veeery Pretty!!