Monday, June 04, 2007


Apparently, if you take Palmolive oxy concentrated dish soap and baste it on the inflatable pool to find a hole, and then fill up the pool without wiping it, you get a LOT of bubbles.

And your kids love the bubbles.

And, scary chemical stuff that Palmolive Oxy is, the fun lasts ALL AFTERNOON!!! And your kids come in cleaner than, well, ever!

The best part was when they decided they were going to get their heads full of bending over and running circles around the edge of the pool. Little butts circling in a sea of bubbles. It was hillarious. The second-best part was when Tony freaked about bubbles in the eyes (over the eyes, more like, nobody got hurt...), finally got them clean, and then about 10 seconds later Becca NAILED him with a well-intentioned bucket full of clean water.

No pictures, unfortunately.

I, on the other hand, spent my time outside sweating like mad, alternately sitting all floppy-like in the shade and chopping wood. I came inside stinky and sore. And made spaghetti for dinner. Don't buy whole wheat pasta by De Cecco. It has that nasty-ass aftertaste that I've always associated with whole wheat pasta. The sauce was great, though, and that made up for it, 'cause we just drowned it.

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~L~ said...

now they have no skin infections and no skin oil left. LOL