Wednesday, August 01, 2007


On Saturday morning we headed out to Waikiki fairly early to hang out on the beach while Mom did a short workout. Kids really enjoyed a monkeypod tree. Went back to the parents' house, met FIL - he brought some great dim sum and manapua to share.

Spent the afternoon on the beach.

And the evening at Willows, which is where my sister wants to have her wedding reception. The food was great and so was the restaurant, which had some really wonderful features. The kids really dug one water feature in particular - located smack-dab in the middle of the pathway to one of the banquet halls, it shot choreographed bursts of water straight up from the pavement. Toddlerness (who was quite a handful) got to be an expert at running through them without getting wet. Alas, but our reservations were for 7:30, which is after sunset in Hawaii, and the restaurant was quite thankfully not interested in attempting to recreate daylight. No really good pictures, but eh, here's one to share anyway:

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