Wednesday, September 12, 2007

School Issues

I couldn't have written much better, so I'll refer you here:

In the off chance that there are millionaires, very large-hearted midwifery supporters of any income, etc. lurking somewhere amongst the few readers of my blog, I can say that there are few people more worthy of a tuition leg-up than Tiffany. She's the most awesome woman I know, seriously.

Seattle Midwifery School does a great job of covering my rear tuition-wise; my family is really pretty poor, and we qualify for the full range of government help as well as a need-based scholarship that pays the final bit of my tuition. As someone who has never earned a degree beyond high school, I qualify for all kinds of fun stuff that people who have already "accomplished" this level of education can't get. As someone with a crystal-clear income situation, my aid situation is equally crystal-clear.

Tiffany has none of these benefits. Single, a business owner, holder of an MA, out-of-state student...all of these things take separate hits on her ability both to pay for school and to qualify for financial aid. She gets a fraction of the help that I do.

It seems that in order to successfully attend Seattle Midwifery School, you either have to have nothing going for you at all or have enough going for you that you are able to pay the huge tuition on your own. The people who fall in between, which unfortunately covers a huge range of women who would like to be midwives and would make excellent midwives, are prevented from attending because of MONEY. There is something hugely wrong about that, but can we please start by taking care of this one woman, this one wonderful person who will someday make an incredible midwife?


Midwife-to-be said...

Just want youto know that the feeling is mutual. I envy your ability to homeschool, raise your children, and do all that is required for school. I cannot believe your natural ability when it comes to math and statistics- that gene was completely left out of my DNA. You, too, are amazing. Thank you for your support and the shout out on your blog. Thanks, too, for reading mine (you and the one other person who reads it). Here's to seeing you in October.

Marie said...

I have no cash to give but will send the few I know who do looking. What u are bouth doing is amazing.

Freeze said...

It's ironic that you have a "Bush countdown timer" on your blogsite when the person who helped Tiffany out is a conservative, libertarian physician who had extra money to help out a friend because of President Bush's tax cuts. I myself, was a single mother of 2 children who put myself through nursing school while working as a certified personal trainer. No help from family or father of the children. I never wanted the governments help and even if you do not believe in all of the conservative views, I for one do not want the government doing what it wants with my hard earned money but able to use it like my husband did.

- Rina

Niki said...

Your comment is interesting, freeze, considering that I am actually more a libertarian than anything else. I am not sure, either, what on earth my political views have to do with who is helping who. I never said that I don't think conservatives can be friendly. I also think that at this point, an awful lot of people that initially supported Bush (as I did) have changed their minds.