Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wild Waves!

Picture-heavy blog to ensue. On Saturday, we went to Wild Waves! The kids had a BLAST! Tony finally inched his way over the minimum-height line and made it onto the big coasters. This was a HUGE adventure and it took some warming up - he spent the first half of his first ride in terror - but by the time we went (at his request) for a second ride, he was screaming happily and waving his hands in the air. There was no turning back. We rode every big ride twice :) Meanwhile, Toddlerness spent some time with Nana and Nanu riding the kiddie rides.

Toddlerness' favorite thing! The carousel! She found a pink beribboned horse-on-a-stick that used to be Girliness' and has been riding it around the house ever since.

The cars were WAY FUN too.

Boyness liked the Scrambler more than he liked the coasters! Or maybe he liked the coasters more! Or maybe the Scrambler!! OH, why were we picking again?

And this ride looked SO TAME sitting there...with little umbrella thingies...

Oh, I think somebody's Nanu was feeling spoilrific:


The waterslides looked WAY TOO COOL to resist, despite the cool weather:

Now, most of the attractions were at least a little heated (Toddlerness' favorite spot was the HOT TUB, of course), but Boyness wanted to try out the one spot that WASN'T heated. It was as cold as the Sound, I swear. At least as cold. Physically painful to enter. He (and a smattering of other children) tried anyway, because the water features there were But this is what we ended up with after about, oh, 80 seconds:

AH, much better!

Meanwhile, Girliness and Toddlerness were discovering the cruising circuit and wave pools (Toddlerness) and the big slides (Girliness). Oh the fun! We topped it off by eating out, since we were an hour from home at 6:45 when we finally left the park. Why, I do believe this will be a "remember mom and dad took us to the water park every year!" memory.

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~L~ said...

YAAAAAAAAAAY! They look like they had a BLAST!!!!!!