Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Son Doesn't Have a Lovey. And Toddlerness is Crazy

As I was reading over the doctor's documents, I saw a little "bring a special toy or lovey for your child" kind of note.

Boyness doesn't have a lovey. He's not particularly attached to any of his toys (if I asked him, he'd probably want to bring his Spiderman Lego Set or something). Why does this make me sad?

I can't think of anything that comforts Boyness other than myself and Fran. There are lots of things that he LIKES. But they are get-him-excited likes, you know, ninja turtes! spiderman! donkey kong! YEAHYEAHYEAHPLAYPLAYPLAY!! Not oh, I've got you and now I can calm down.

Anyway, I am now really really procrastinating going outside and taking care of some stuff. 'Cause I really just pulled this entry out of my ass, just to have something to sit here and do for another couple minutes before I have to pull the aforementioned ass off my computer chair and go outside.

OK, so it started raining, so I guess I get to stay inside for longer. Like all day. On my ass. Oh yeah. (OK, OK, cut it out, I did the dishes already and am going to go sew something now. I couldn't ACTUALLY spend all day on my ass. I'd get bored, and my ass would hurt.) And Toddlerness *NEEDS* a gingerbread man. NEEDS it, she says. Junkie. She's getting entirely too big a kick out of eating gingerbread arms, legs, and heads.

Yeah, she is crazy. "This is like my daddy!" she says, as she holds up an intact gingerbread man. And bites its head off. And giggles. "But I still like my daddy," she says.


*d* said...

she's crazy cute. And I think its awesome that boyness doesn't have attachment to material things.

Marie said...

Boyness is to se;fconfident to need a lovie. It's a good thing. I don't think my kids have any eather. Love the gingerbread man LMAO

emjaybee said...

Mine doesn't have a lovey either. We tried. The only thing that he loved to clutch was his bottle or sippy cup. Sigh.