Thursday, October 25, 2007

Woot Boyness!

He had his surgery yesterday. At the Surgery Center at Evergreen, which seriously has the best wait rooms and intake and recovery rooms, like, ever. And an awesome staff.

Boyness reports that "go to sleep gas smells like monkey breath. And tastes like monkey butts." He warns us that he will get monkey breath (probably true since "disagreeable breath" was on the list of what-to-expects).

He woke up from anesthesia complaining about the monkeys. But was fine after a few minutes. We were outta there 3 hours after we got there. He never needed the vicodin they sent us home with; his only complaint was the little bruise at the IV site. By the time all the meds had worn off, he was running back and forth and bouncing around the house like his normal, crazy self.

The only bump in the road was our insurance refusing to cover the antibiotic eardrops for Boyness. Um, riiiiight. The nurse called around and they ultimately agreed to cover it (WTF?) but it took her quite a while. And I'm thinking that it isn't really her job to be arguing with insurance companies for me. I'm looking around for where to send feedback (apart from the loveliness, I've got two suggestions for them about how to rearrange things in very minor ways - I'm talking moving a piece of furniture from one end of the clinic to the other, that kind of thing - that would make it easier for parent/kid pairs to go through the process).


~L~ said...

I am so pleased that you got your boy home without incident. It sounds GREAT!

*d* said...

YEAH BABY BOY! I'm so glad the day went without a hitch

Marie said...

Hows it all going now? You have one brave kid.

U know our inserance did that with Trevor's ear drops for his swimmers ear. Ummm don't u need that to kill the infection. Ugh