Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Farm Fun

We arrived just in time to see the farm owner instructing a crew of volunteers in arming a 3000lb counterweight trebuchet!Before he set it off, he had the kids gather around and delivered a short history and physics lesson. Then...

And off the kids ran to grab bits of shattered pumpkin... feed to the pigs!

We wandered through a greenhouse full of declining tomatos:

And found a hay bale maze in the barn attic:

We took ride out to the pumpkin patch:

And got some choice seats for the ride back!

Before we left, we grabbed some crackers with pumpkin butter, took a ride:

Ran out of camera batteries (d'oh!), and took a stroll through the apple trees.

What a day!


*d* said...

Very cool!

Marie said...

Oh that looks so fun