Tuesday, December 18, 2007


And I still feel shitty, but have regained enough sanity to think that I'm being a bit of a shit myself.

So we had a great time this weekend, really. An impromptu get-together at ~L~s, Girliness had a two night sleepover, Boyness had some daddy time all to himself, and I got to sign Toddlerness in at IKEA for the first time and have an hour and a half of NO CHILDREN and no other pressing anythings. DAMN did that hour and a half fly by quickly.

Toddlerness is really getting into this whole Christmas thing. Demanded green fingernails, wearing sparkly red headbands and green shirts...she's way into it. She's also not even three yet. I shudder to think of the preteen/teenaged years. For now, it is hillarious and fun. Although I'm not sure anyone believes that she dresses herself that way. Oh well. She's happy.

Girliness has taken an interest in a workbook called "sentences to paragraphs" and is progressing nicely along that. Boyness, on the other hand, can think of little other than Super Smash Brothers *sigh*. At least HE is happy. He can kick my butt at that game, too.


~L~ said...

I am so excited about the IKEA thing. And honestly I really thought the 1.5 hours would be too long....that we'd be all twiddling our thumbs and shit. I feel like it was more like 15 minutes! LOL

Good company!

*d* said...

hehehe. adult time rocks