Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good Fun

A couple weeks ago, Fran discovered the Aloha Hawaiian Grill, AKA "Niki's new favorite place to eat." We went there as a family yesterday, meeting MIL and sFIL, and it was AWESOME. Fran and I split a laulau and kalua pig plate. The three hundred pound man and I split a plate. I think I could feed me and all three (stuffed themselves silly) kids on a $8 combo plate. YAY. It is about impossible to get this food in the PNW without it having been frozen and thawed and generally gross-ified, so I am very very happy that this is right in the path of the discount grocer and IKEA.

So we packed up our leftovers and headed off to Marie's place, and went swimming at her Y. BittyPrincess decided that she wasn't afraid to go underwater after all, she just hated getting water up her nose. So she spent a good long time swallowing large amounts of water and diving to the bottom of the 4 foot section of the pool. Not that she can keep herself afloat or anything. Just that she's no longer afraid to go under. Thus begins the most dangerous phase of her swimming learning.

We had a BLAST. Their Y ROCKS. Ours sucks in comparison, and I'm a little bitter about that. How come we have a shitty pool and a few good workout machines in a boring 60s deco room? I'm surprised our Y doesn't smell like cigarrettes, it just has that ambiance.

Next week is onsite week, and I am attempting to shoo the kids and the husband out the door today, so that I can finally do some of the work I've been putting off this week. Mostly because BittyPrincess has been playing the HOLD ME HOLD ME I'M GONNA DIEEEE IF YOU DON'T HOLD ME game every time I get on the computer or open a binder. It has been irritating at best and infuriating at worst. And no, I can't let her cry, she's too loud and distracting. I have been really frustrated about it this week.

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