Friday, January 18, 2008

Here She Comes!!!

Today, toddlerness:

Saved the day!!! Right off the couch arm. 5,000 times.

Made a painting right on the table in yellow, orange, and clear-sparkly nail polish.

Re-cut her own hair.

Walked barefoot through the parking lot at Target. It was 38 degrees out.

Ate an apple before I paid for it. And after dropping it on the ground.

Threw a full-on kick-and-scream tantrum in the store, complete with "PUT ME DOWN!!!!" and "I DON'T WAAAAAANNNNNNNAAAAAA." When I did put her down she RAN LIKE FUCKING MAD down the main aisle, which apparently meant Boyness had to follow yelling NOOOOOO at the top of his lungs, me racing along a distant third yelling "[BOYNESS], [TODDLERNESS], STOP!" We sure did give the other patrons a tableau to laugh, cry, tsk, or call CPS over.

Isn't THREE grand?!


Aimee said...

Fuck 'em. If they can't see that you're doing an awesome job being a parent, fuck 'em. Tantrums are normal. Big brother running after is normal. If they call anyone it should be to some engraving shop to have an award made for you for being an awesome mom. You kick ass.

Niki said...

Thanks Aimee :D

The kids are insane. And I love them to bits.

bellebearberry said...

I have always said three is way worse than two - it is definitely a tough.

Like Aimee said, although the scene seems like something no one has ever seen before, they have... ever since moms had kids, but I guess it would have been running through the woods....

~L~ said...

*d* said...

Should i send tequila?